Toni and Carl Randolph Saw a Need...

Toni Randolph, Founder Access Perfect Homes
   Toni Randolph, Founder

While living in a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC), Toni and Carl Randolph witnessed the challenges faced by Seniors and persons with specific physical needs when searching for housing. They saw the need for a professional team within the housing industry dedicated to easing these challenges.  

Access Perfect Homes was created to ensure that Seniors and those with disabilities receive comprehensive Real Estate services, along with access to non-profit services, social activities, and innovative improvements which enhance daily living.

As a full-service real estate team, Access Perfect Homes proudly serves the whole  community, offering solutions for the traditional home buyer and seller as well as for those seeking a more customized residence to suit their individualized needs.

It is dedicated to the mission of assisting all persons to live, love and be comfortable at home.



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