Our Non Profit Involvement

We are involved with phenomenal non-profit organizations creating paths for the mobility challenged population to find the services that provide comfort and stability for a healthy lifestyle. 

Enable Project

We serve as members on the Advisory Committee of the Enable Project, a Ford Foundation funded coalition that provides training to non-profits and social justice organizations and their staff to create channels for inclusion of people with disabilities in their organizations and movements.  Organizational partner members of the Enable Project include:

  •        Catalyst Miami
  •        Center for Independent Living of South Florida
  •        Disability Independence Group
  •        Advocacy Network
  •        MUJER
  •        The New Florida Majority

Enable Project - Intersection of Disability and Civic Engagement

Enable Project - Advocate Training: SSDI Applications 

Enable Project - SSDI Application Checklist

Enable Project - Attorney Training: SSDI Appeals

Enable Project - How To Plan An Accessible Event 


Villages of South Florida Autism

We are working with the Villages of South Florida Autism organization to help build housing for adults with Autism.

The Villages of South Florida Autism believes that individuals diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) should have the opportunity to develop to their fullest potential and to live as independently and productively as possible.  We are devoted to creating safe and appropriate housing for this population in an environment that is socially and emotionally fulfilling, utilizing science-based methodologies.

Our plan is to identify a property where we can build a residential campus which will address the needs of this population through residential housing and recreational activities outreach programs.

Residential buildings would include two-story buildings with dorm style apartments for individuals who require close monitoring, as well as cottages on the property for participants who can live independently.

The following amenities would be included in the campus:

1.       Business Center - business opportunity space

2.       Gym - workout room, possible indoor pool

3.       Laundry Room - tenants will do their own laundry here

4.       Market / Commissary - small general store to buy snacks, toiletries, etc.; commissary where tenants will be served meals, or prepare their own meals

5.       Recreational Room - entertainment, movies, TV, games, barber / hair salon station

6.       Clinic - nurse station and therapy rooms

7.       Administrative Building - administrative / enrollment

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