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Assisted Living 

 Assisted Living refers to the level of care provided residents of adult residential communities who require assistance with managing the ‘activities of daily living’. With the goal of living with the greatest degree of independence possible, each resident receives the assistance needed to accomplish activities such as toileting, bathing, grooming and dressing. Persons with medical conditions may be accepted as residents, if their medical needs do not require continuous skilled nursing.

Assisted Living Facilities (ALFs) of today provide warm and enriching environments for their residents, often offering more than the typical comforts of “home.”  Services and amenities offered vary by community, which can range from basic, essential care communities to high-end resort-style communities. Scheduled transportation and meal plans are typically included in all.

Access Perfect Homes Professional Network Provides Experts You Need 

Determining the appropriate level of care is among the important first steps in making the decision to explore Assisted Living options. Can the senior manage most of their personal needs, but would benefit from meal preparation and housekeeping services? Are there memory challenges that need to be addressed?  Your     Access Perfect Homes Senior Real Estate Specialist (SRES) can refer you to qualified geriatric care managers who can help you determine the appropriate level of care needed, and if Assisted Living is the right option.

DetermThe Access Perfect Homes Professional Network Provides the Experts You Needining the cost of housing and long-term care is an essential but daunting task.  Elder law attorneys and financial planners can play an important role in helping seniors and their families structure their financial resources to meet these needs.  The members of the Access Perfect Homes team of attorneys and financial planners are specialists in assisting Seniors plan for and prepare the financial and legal arrangements necessary for long term care. They are experts in the coverage offered by Medicare and Medicaid and know what expenses are covered by each program.

Visit Communities in Your Area

Access Perfect Homes Senior Real Estate Specialists themselves are terrific resources to help you discover the Senior living options in your local community. They are very familiar with the local Assisted Living Communities and will help you understand the differences between them. They will assist you with visiting the communities that appear to fit your needs.  Your SRES will help you prepare a list of recommended questions for the staff and visiting family members.  This is a great way to get a firsthand look at what amenities are available and consider how they may impact the overall quality of life of the resident.

Elder Law Attorneys Review Your Housing Contracts Before You Sign

Elder law attorneys are trained in the complexities of housing contracts which involve long-term care and can recognize potential problems or unanticipated conditions written in the agreements. Attorney review prior to signing can help you avoid these issues.  The Access Perfect Homes network of Elder Law Attorneys are experts in their fields and are available to guide and protect you.

Review the Florida Assisted Living Associations Annual Directory below for more information and answers to questions you may have.  Contact your Access Perfect Homes team to get the conversation started!

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Florida Assisted Living Association Annual Directory


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