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Therese Tensley

Therese is a passionate mother of five who thrives on a challenge and goes the extra mile! Having grown up in New England, Therese has lived in Palm Beach County for over 25 years and appreciates all that the Palm Beaches has to offer. She ventured to South Florida for college and to take care of her father, who endured a ten-year battle with Parkinson ’s Disease. While providing hands-on care during his increasing mobility challenges, she learned a great deal along the way.

When Therese’s father finally moved to assisted living, she decided to work there as well, so that she could see him often while helping others. She understood the mobility challenges and needs of the residents, which resulted in her becoming their most successful sales associate! After the passing of her father, she continued to help others by searching for homes to meet the residential needs of the patients enrolled in the Center for Neuro Recovery program.

Her goal as a Realtor is to be ‘Intentional’ - to make a difference for the better, whenever possible. Therese’s faith and experience with helping others has enabled her to continually find joy in smoothing out the process of finding the perfect homes that meet the needs of her mobility challenged clients. Therese loves to point out ~

“Everyone has a story - Where they live, laugh, love, and grow becomes part of it! I am inspired and driven to be part of making Your story a wonderful one!”

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