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Frank Arena

As a Senior Real Estate Specialist and second-generation Florida realtor, Frank has decades of experience in helping buyers and sellers meet their goals.

Frank says that helping seniors make informed, life-changing decisions requires a blend of good listening skills, clear and easy to understand explanations, compassion, and patience. Frank believes his clients’ physical, financial, and emotional concerns are of the utmost importance.

When Frank has helped clients to see new possibilities, his clients begin to look forward to a lifestyle more enjoyable than they could have imagined before.

Clients often say, “Frank makes everything so easy. He handled all the paperwork. He explained everything to me. He managed the entire process, all the way to moving-in and getting settled.”

As people age, downsizing from an existing home, comfort, safety, and affordability become especially important. Frank was instrumental in his own Mom’s transition from her long-time single-family home to a vibrant “Independent Living” community in Palm Beach Gardens that she now loves.

Frank knows the importance of communicating closely with family members, movers, legal advisors, and financial planners. When you are making a life-changing decision, having a compassionate, experienced professional on your side is essential.

In addition to loving his business life, Frank enjoys music, traveling, but especially time with his family and friends.

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